Welcome to the Pro-Line Building Company!

The Pro-Line Building Company specializes in pre-engineered wood frame and Butler steel frame buildings.


Pro-Line is most widely known for its agricultural, storage, and shop buildings.  If you live in central or southeastern Iowa chances are you’ve gazed across sprawling fields or pastures and notic


Hidden in plain sight are numerous commercial Pro-Line Buildings in our area.  Dealers, restaurants, clinics, storage, retail, religious, and many more businesses operate out of a Pro-Line Building.&nbs


Pro-Line is everything equine when it comes to your stables, riding arenas, or dry storage.  With several examples of single and multi-use equestrian specific buildings we are proud of our history with


Let’s face it, it isn’t really a hobby, it’s more of an obsession.  The care you’ve taken both literally and figuratively building your collection or exercising your passion shou

Metal Re-Roofing

Asphalt shingles are durable and cost effective over the short-run, but are vulnerable to damages from wind, rain, ice, and a myriad of other factors.  Replacing your traditional asphalt shingles with a


Pro-Line buildings live in small towns and big cities.  All around us are municipal buildings that house our community services.  Police and fire stations, city offices, and community centers; all


Possibly the most over-looked part of our business is our residential category.  We ask; Why not live in a Pro-Line Building?  With multi-use applications becoming more and more popular the efficie


Pro-Line Buildings are right at home in the city and on the farm but did you know they are also right at home in your neighborhood?  Pro-Line provides almost limitless options for your residential appli