Pole Barn Frequently Asked Questions

Are post frame buildings less expensive to build than a stud or steel frame building?  Why? 

Depending on the design a post frame building can be less expensive to build than a traditional stud frame structure or steel frame structure.  A basic cold storage post frame building will use less lumber to frame than a stud frame building which can be more economical.

What is the difference between wall height and ceiling clearance?

In the Pro Line design the eave height and ceiling clearance will be the same distance from the finished floor height.  The only time it will vary is when a vaulted truss is used and then the height will be greater in the center of the building than on the sides.

What are the duties of a general contractor? 

The general contractor is the quarterback of the project.  Duties include coordination of all crews and subcontractors on the job and communication back to the customer. 

What architectural features can be added to a post frame building? 

The options are really endless when it comes to features since wood is so easy to work with.  Anything from a stone or stucco façade, porches, vaulted trusses, and endless window choices are available.

Can you finance a post frame home? 

Yes.  Pro Line does not offer financing but we can help you get in touch with a lender that is familiar with our projects.

Are post frame buildings more energy efficient? 

Many of our post frame buildings utilize spray foam insulation as well as in floor heat which are extremely energy efficient. 

How long do posts last in pole barns? 

Pro-Line’s methodology of backfilling the posts with rock rather than clay or concrete will provide the end user with a 50 year warranty against rot and decay. 

How durable is a post frame building? 

The steel we use on our post frame buildings is a premium 29 gauge material that is .015 mil thick before paint.  The tensile strength is greater than 80,000 psi and qualifies for a class 4 hail impact resistance valuation.

How much wind can a post frame building withstand? 

Our buildings are pre-engineered and are designed to comply with a 115 mph wind rating.

Are post frame buildings sustainable

Our post frame buildings are more sustainable than a traditional stick built building due to the materials used.  The steel roof will last longer than a shingled roof, and the steel on the walls will last longer than vinyl or cement board siding. 

Does a pole building add to property value?

Absolutely.  With all of the RVs, boats, and other toys that need to be inside during an Iowa winter the storage space is in high demand.  

Is it important for my contractor to be insured? 

This is a large investment in your property and having the peace of mind that your contractor is insured is important to most people.  The Pro Line Building company of Iowa provides builders risk insurance on all of the projects we general.