Project Overview

Building Type: Commercial

Location: Pella, IA

Dimensions: 60′ x 130′ x 16′

Project Background:

This shop features a double-decker office layout and was engineered during initial build to enable future expansion. Careful consideration was given to crafting an ideal work flow, with high bay space facilitating trucks backing into the shop interior. We advised on specific regional infrastructure needs such as pipe bollards installed to prevent structural damage.

Ultimately this shop exemplifies Pro-Line’s expertise in commercial construction – understanding both our client’s vision and the intricacies of each commercial industry. We enjoy serving all our clients by thoughtfully translating functional specifications into strategically future-proofed spaces.

Rather than asking you to simply select the features you want, Pro-Line works with you to figure out how we can create the solution you need. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have. Already know what you’re looking for? Submit your project and we’ll get in touch with you.