Project Overview

Building Type: Custom Home

Location: New Sharon, IA


  • House – 40′ x 64′ x 15′
  • Garage – 28′ x 30′ x 9′

Project Background:

This new home holds deep ties to the clients’ multi-generational farmland, which has been in their family for years. With an existing outdated house on the land no longer meeting their family’s needs, the vision was to build a new modern, open-concept home to carry the property for decades.

Since the owners had recently remodeled the kitchen and a downstairs bath, incorporating some of these existing finishes allowed cost-savings in the new construction. We collaborated thoughtfully on each design decision, mocking up floorplans that repurposed the kitchen cabinets and bathroom components into the layouts. This reuse strategy combined with open concept spaces culminated in the customized dream home they envisioned.

From initial concepts to finished construction, we pride ourselves on precisely understanding clients’ priorities and constraints to deliver optimized outcomes. Through collaborative design, we created a customized home incorporating selected remnants of the previous structure along with contemporary family-focused updates. Overseeing budgets, materials, contractors and more, we constructed a fully-customized home to achieve the client’s vision.

Jim, Josh, Brad, and Brandon were awesome to work with and had my best interest in mind. I have a beautiful home thanks to these guys. Bobbii was amazing also helping me and printing off layouts (I had a lot of changes).

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