Accessory Buildings

Custom Pole Barn Garages & Hobby Shops of Iowa

Struggling to find a quiet place to dedicate to your hobby? Worried about bothering others in your home with clutter? Build a customized hobby shop with us! This accessory building is a place where you can be proud of your hobby, get away from day-to-day activities, and spend time doing what you love.

ProLine Accessory Building

Enjoy Your Hobby In Your Own Space

Pro-Line takes your personal passion seriously. Our team can design and build a place for any hobby! The only limitation is your imagination. Explore some ideas below.

  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Man cave or she shed
  • Workshop 
  • Garages
  • Art or dance studio 
  • Boat, camper, or trailer house
  • Tiny home, guest house, tree house, or cabin

Customize Your Space and Build Your Dream Workshop

Whether you need a small garage, a large machine shed, or a new hobby building, each project designed and constructed by Pro-Line is customized to fill the needs of our customers. When you choose Pro-Line, you are choosing decades of industry experience and a dedication to giving our customers the building of their dreams. Our team is committed to making this dream a reality for you. Choose Pro-Line as your guide through the process of creating your next custom pole building!

Build Smart with Wood Frame Accessory Buildings

Wood frame buildings are a perfect choice for cost-effective and versatile accessory buildings. They’re durable, can be customized for sheds, workshops, garages and more, and offer good insulation for energy efficiency. This makes them a smart way to add valuable space to your property.

Looking for a Larger Project?

Maximize your storage capacity and safeguard your assets. We design and construct heavy-duty commercial storage buildings to meet your specific needs. We guarantee a solid, structurally sound building to keep your belongings safe.


Rather than asking you to simply select the features you want, Pro-Line works with you to figure out how we can create the solution you need. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have. Already know what you’re looking for? Submit your project and we’ll get in touch with you.