Agricultural Buildings

Farm and Agricultural Buildings of Iowa

We are here to serve you. Whether you’re looking for a farm utility building, a machine shed or warehouse, or a workshop to maintain your equipment, we’ll design and build an effective solution.

ProLine Horse Barn

Rural Areas Are Our Roots

Based in New Sharon, Iowa, Pro-Line began for rural Iowans—our neighbors. We have over 30 years of experience serving farmers of all types and operation size, so we understand your needs. We can build you any structure that makes your job and life easier.

Equine Buildings

We have a history of constructing top-quality buildings especially designed for equine applications. We’re experts when it comes to stables, riding arenas, and storage facilities, and we’ll talk to you about your specific needs so we can design a building to keep your horses safe and comfortable and your supplies secure and dry.

Pole Barns

For a durable, versatile, and energy efficient option for your barn—or another type of commercial building, for that matter—consider constructing a pole barn. They are cost-effective outdoor buildings that let you prioritize functionality, so you can use them however you need. We know a thing or two about building barns, so let us create right space for you.

Ready to Get Started on Your Building Project?

Rather than asking you to simply select the features you want, Pro-Line works with you to figure out how we can create the solution you need. Our experts are here to answer any questions you may have. Already know what you’re looking for? Submit your project and we’ll get in touch with you.